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Premier Finish auto body

1723 WEST Pearce Blvd.

 Wentzville, MO  63385

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Premier Finish Autobody Wentzville, MO

FAQ About Us

What is the process for refinishing?

The process we use for refinishing your factory paint is basecoat/clear coat unless you have a factory white pearl or candy red which are called Tri-coats because you put down a basecoat, then a mid-coat, before then applying the clear coat.

 Can I use any shop to get my car repaired? non-DRP or DRP?

Are your repairs warrantied by the shop, insurance company or the manufacturer?

What products do you use?

We have been using Alata G2-779 (formally DuPont). It is factory Warrantied approved clear coat. Make sure your repair is only using Factory Approved materials for a long lasting shine and durability

How do we exchange cars?

 Can I get a rental?

Do you have a life time warranty?

Will you come to my location or meet me?

Will my insurance company pay for your services?

Do you repair luxury cars?

Can I have my car towed to you?

How much is a complete paint job usually?

What is a drivable repair job?

Can I have my car towed to you?